The Guild regularly makes submissions on proposals and policies likely to impact community pharmacy.


Agenda item 6.1a: Methenamine hippurate - proposed up-scheduling change to classification

Agenda item 6.1b: Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir - proposed change to prescription classification statement

Agenda item 6.1e: National immunisation schedule - proposed change to prescription vaccine classification statements

Agenda item 8.2a: Low dose cannabidiol

The Guild provided feedback on the proposed reclassification of Nitrofurantoin (supported) and Noloxone. (conditional support)

The Guild is supportive of the proposed widened access criteria as this will reduce barriers to accessing funded influenza vaccines for Māori and Pacific people ages 55 to 64 years.

The Guild provided feedback and suggestions to Medsafe to delay the implementation date of the pholcodine reclassification.

The Guild supported widened access of  Rituximab and Zoledronic acid.  Highlighted the funding and stock keeping constraints.

The Guild supported wider access to the two Covid-19 treatments to improve equity and stock availability.

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