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Focus on Feet FEATURED HOT!

Promotes the role of a community pharmacist in treating minor foot conditions and provides in-store marketing. You will receive two posters and one training booklet for pharmacy staff.

A double sided A4 checklist for you to print off to give to your patients.

The Guild, Green Cross Health and EBOS Limited commissioned Ernst & Young to prepare a report that was completed in June 2017. The report’s focus was to assess the risk of the Government’s proposed removal of the requirement for at least 51% pharmacist-ownership of a community pharmacy.

To help you meet the requirements when sending an invoice to ACC download this preformatted invoice template. 

A list of medicines, the prescriptions for which require the prescriber's signature and original prescription to be sent to the pharmacy under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1977 (29).

Emergency Contraceptive Pill consultation record and advice checklist. 

Guild logo FEATURED HOT!

Files of the logo are available for members who wish to develop their own display material. A copy of the logo will be sent via email to those who place order.

The Guild logo is a recognised and trusted symbol of New Zealand community pharmacy. It is a registered trademark of the Guild and is available for the exclusive use by Guild members.

This show card is to display in your pharmacy to let patients know your offer blood pressure monitoring.

Cards you can give to your patients listing all their medicines, the purpose of each medicine and a description of the medicine. The cards also have space to list a patients medicine management plan goals in accordance with the new LTC service. Cards are supplied in packs of 20.

The Guild produces an information leaflet for pharmacies to give to patients regarding the prescription subsidy card.  The leaflet comes in a convenient tear-off pad of 50.

To help you explain prescription charges to patients download this A5 leaflet. 

Pharmacy Guild business owners package with ANZ.

Page 1: Pharmacists, pandemics, politics and pharmaceuticals

Page 3: How community pharmacy is taking a lead in the government’s health system reforms

Page 4: Antimicrobial stewardship and the role of community pharmacists     

Page 5: The importance of critical thinking in the dispensing process

Page 6: Pharmacists will benefit from better natural health product regulations

Page 7: The importance of caring for your liver

Page 8: Staying connected: The importance of social media for businesses

Page 9: Fair Pay Agreements: What we know so far

Page 10: Growing your bottom line

Page 11: Pharmacy has a marketing problem

Page 1: High Alert helping to reduce drug harm in our communities

Page 3: Congratulations to the winners of the New Zealand Primary Healthcare Awards 2021

Page 4: Implications of changing health information seeking behaviour

Page 5: School of Pharmacy Clinic – Otago University

Page 6: New asthma and COPD guidelines

Page 7: Coeliac Awareness – a role for pharmacists       

Page 8: Is it time to differentiate your pharmacy from the competition?

Page 9: Changes to the Holidays Act 2003 and how to prepare for them

Page 10: Process to remove a company from the register

Page 11: Is this the apocalypse?

Page 1: A day in the life of a pharmacist prescriber

Page 3: The path towards strengthening the health and disability system for all

Page 4: 3D printed medicine – Future or fiction?

Page 5: Pharmacies well placed to identify and report adverse drug reactions

Page 6: The Pharmaceutical Schedule is moving online

Pgae 7: Informed consent around anti-seizure medicines

Page 8: Why not be your own landlord?

Page 9: The fundamentals of business interruption

Page 10: Proposed changes to the bright-line test

Page 11: 10 rules for retail stock control

Page 1: Introducing the PainWISE Pharmacy Professional Service Program

Page 3: The Guild’s recent meeting with the Minister of Health

Page 4: The digital age and accessibility of pharmacist vaccination information

Page 5: Insight into two recent pharmacy studies

Page 6: Advice for supporting your Early Career Pharmacists

Page 7: Autonomic Dysreflexia in SCI patients: A role for pharmacy

Page 8: 2021: the year of digital transformation for thousands of Kiwi small businesses

Page 9: Teamwork: The five key factors every business needs to succeed

Page 10: Selling or buying a pharmacy business

Page 11: Improve your return on investment

Page 1: Emerging workforce to tackle pharmacy practice change

Page 3: Pharmacies’ crucial role in supporting Covid-19 vaccine rollout

Page 4: Challenges faced by pharmacists when it comes to dispensing medicines for children

Page 5: Canterbury pharmacies’ digital opioid substitution project

Page 6: The expanding nurse practitioner workforce

Page 7: The state of child health in Aotearoa New Zealand

Page 8: The digital retail gap

Page 9: Improving team dynamics

Page 10: End of financial year checklist

Page 11: 10 marketing rules for growth

Page 1: Understanding pharmacists’ mental health literacy

Page 3: Reflection on 2020 and looking forward to 2021

Page 4: Incorporating empathy and compassion into pharmacy practice

Page 5: A pharmacists’ role in bridging the gap in language barriers to enhance medicines adherence

Page 6: Ensuring Choosing Wisely Pharmacy recommendations relevant to Aotearoa

Page 7: Sustainable elective surgery over the next two decades

Page 8: Demystifying monthly ICPSA payments

Page 9: Courageous conversations

Page 10: Recap on the bright line test

Page 11: The right people

Page 1: The clinical presentation of coeliac disease is changing

Page 3: Guild Briefing to the Incoming Minister and ongoing policy priorities

Page 4: What do patients understand about the “risk” of taking medicines?

Page 5: Enhancing pharmacy sector responsiveness to Māori

Page 6: Increasing the equity focus of Choosing Wisely

Page 7: Catering for people with Parkinson’s

Page 8: Five ways to help keep you and your business safe online

Page 9: What to do about public holidays

Page 10: Proposed new top tax rate for individuals

Page 11: A positive message in tough times

Page 1: Pharmacists have an important role in gout management

Page 3: Ongoing Guild policy advocacy, post-election.

Page 4: Mind the Gap

Page 5: Good GP-Pharmacy relationships, the right prescriptions for patients

Page 6: Community vs Hospital: How can the profession unite for the patient?

Page 7: November is Diabetes Action Month!

Page 8: Digital health post-Covid-19

Page 9: Parental leave

Page 10: Fringe Benefit Tax

Page 11: How’s your pharmacy’s fitness?

Page 1: Unfunded New Zealand pharmacy service models

Page 3: Health policy and the 2020 general election

Page 4: Increasing workforce satisfaction

Page 5: An update on the pharmacy vaccinations in 2020

Page 6: Getting better medicines-related outcomes for kaumātua

Page 7: Pharmacies go dementia-friendly

Page 8: Privacy Act changes on the horizon

Page 9: Sick leave – what you need to know

Page 10: The Trust Act 2019 – Are you ready

Page 11: The future is digital

Page 1: Commending the pharmacy sector’s Covid-19 response

Page 3: The 2020 ICPSA voluntary variation and the future of community pharmacy

Page 4: The importance of workflow within pharmacy

Page 5: Queen Street Pharmacy and general practice teams, better together

Page 6: Advice for supporting your Pacific patients

Page 7: Prostate Cancer. It’s a real Thingee

Page 8: New Zealand’s Path to Purchase. From Online to In-Store

Page 9: Is my worker a contractor or employee?

Page 10: Breakdown of wage subsidy audits.

Page 11: Trusted health care experts

Page 1 to 5: Election special: Politicians answer the big pharmacy questions

Page 6: Pharmacy: A change in the wind, a mismatch of values

Page 7: A role for pharmacists in combating chronic hepatitis

Page 8: Sustainability: The key for your business’s future

Page 9: New intern employment agreement template

Page 10: Claiming home office expense

Page 11: Let’s get personal

Page 1: Introducing the pharmacy sleep service

Page 3: Progress with the national annual agreement review and related funding issues.

Page 4: What is the role of pharmacy in Smokefree 2025?

Page 5: The importance of diversifying your service offering

Page 6: Tips for commenting in the media

Page 7: Health Navigator: Trusted health information for New Zealanders

Page 8: Financial issues when buying or selling a pharmacy

Page 9: Restructure and redundancy

Page 10: Budget 2020: At a glance

Page 11: You’re always selling

Page 1: Key work of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

Page 3: Federation of Primary Health working on new primary care model

Page 4: The role of mental health first aid in pharmacy

Page 5: Reflecting on COVID-19 workflow changes in New Zealand

Page 6: Health outcomes for Māori during COVID-19

Page 7: How to spot a stroke: The F.A.S.T method.

Page 8: Tips for making your pharmacy more cyber-secure

Page 9:  The importance of acting in good faith

Page 10: Reflecting on COVID-19 and the impact on businesses

Page 11: Five online tactics to boost your business.

Page 1: Guild support to members during the COVID-19 pandemic

Page 3: COVID-19 Guild member resources

Page 4: Innovative relationships between pharmacies and general practice

Page 6: Disruptive change and wellness

Page 7: Combating Asthma: Pharmacies on the front line

Page 8: What COVID-19 has taught us about business continuity planning

Page 9:  Supporting your employees

Page 10: COVID-19 updates for business

Page 11: Opportunities in a crisis

Page 1: Reducing medicine harm

Page 3: Health and Disability System Review and the future of community pharmacy

Page 4: Community pharmacy is still vital for patient wellbeing

Page 5: United States’ Medicap Weight Management programme.

Page 6: Medical Council’s position on doctors prescribing for themselves and those close to them

Page 7: How pharmacists can contribute to Glaucoma management

Page 8: Advertising your pharmacy online: Getting to grips with Google ads

Page 9:  Managing Poor Performance

Page 10: Goal Setting

Page 11: Which type of pharmacy are you?

Page 1: The SECURELY® and Pharmacy Guild partnership

Page 3: Reflection on cross-sector relationships.

Page 4: Truly personalised medicine – Pharmacogenomics, coming to a pharmacy near you!

Page 5: An investigation of the provision of unfunded pharmacy services in New Zealand: the nationwide rollout.

Page 6: Anticoagulation monitoring service

Page 7: A Smokefree Aotearoa - could community pharmacies help us get there?

Page 8: 5 Steps to a better online experience

Page 9: Important information about 90-day trial periods

Page 10: Key updates: minimum wage, annual leave and holiday pay requirements.

Page 11: Invest in your professional image

Page 1: National cancer action plan and agency a step forward for New Zealand’s cancer control

Page 3: Key ongoing pieces of work for 2020

Page 4: Are all pharmacists created equal?

Page 5: Adverse reactions reporting

Page 6: Safeguarding patient information – the HealthOne example

Page 7: Beyond Vision Loss at Blind & Low Vision NZ

Page 8: Music Licensing Laws: What You Need to Know

Page 9: Are your employment agreements up to date?

Page 10: Go the Extra Mile for Success: The 2019 Pharmacy Benchmarking Survey

Page 11: Disruptive technology

Page 1: Cannabis-based medicine – what it means for pharmacy

Page 3: Reflection on the key achievements of 2019 and the challenges ahead

Page 4: Interruptions in pharmacy

Page 5: The role of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Page 6: Medicines Use Review: Improving medicine use in the community

Page 7: U=U: A message for pharmacists too

Page 8: Getting ready for the Christmas season

Page 9: Workplace bullying

Page 10: Update on cheques and IRD binding rulings

Page 11: Staff performance matters

Page 1: Helping your patients’ quality of life and health

Page 3: Reflection on the interim Health and Disability System review report

Page 4: A pharmacist’s duties and making better use of support staff

Page 5: Funded pharmacy services in Norway

Page 6: Online hepatitis education modules launched

Page 7: Heart health: Promoting awareness and getting help

Page 8: Competing with discount pharmacies

Page 9: Mental health and safety in the workplace

Page 10: Update on payday filing

Page 11: Measurement and goal setting

Page 1: Te reo Maori in the pharmacy workplace

Page 3: Outlining the Guild’s ongoing priorities.

Page 4: The value of pharmacist consultation in allergic rhinitis

Page 5: Treating Common Ailments: Some lessons from Wales

Page 6: HDC complaints in pharmacy – what to expect

Page 7: New osteoporosis health tool launched

Page 8: Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technicians free up pharmacists’ time

Page 9: Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Page 10: KiwiSaver rates addressed in law change

Page 11: What’s your survival strategy?

Page 1: The Nocebo effect and why it’s important

Page 3: Reflection on the 2019 Pharmacy Business Network.

Page 4: Antibiotic resistance: How community pharmacists can have an impact.

Page 5: Are you meeting your obligations under the Children’s Act?

Page 6: PSL changes and what they mean for Guild members

Page 7: Towards better health outcomes: Understanding prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes risk.

Page 8: Growing your customer base

Page 9: Staff recognition initiatives for pharmacies

Page 10: Automatic tax assessments

Page 11: The key to building a high performing team

Page 1: Embracing technology in our health care system

Page 3: Reflection on the first half of 2019

Page 4: Making pharmacies the 'first port of call'

Page 5: The importance of investing in your most valuable asset

Page 6: Safety culture within the pharmacy

Page 7: New drugs that treat the underlying cause of Cystic Fibrosis

Page 8: SOPs for returns of medicines causing allergic reactions

Page 9: Intern recruitment

Page 10: Tax pooling

Page 11: The changing role of community pharmacy

Page 1: Guidance on setting up a local group

Page 3: Summary of the Guild’s key submission points for the government’s Health and Disability Review

Page 4: The importance of peers in making ethical decisions

Page 5: A change in customer experience

Page 6: Disaster planning

Page 7: The SECURELY for Independence pilot

Page 8: The Do’s and Don’ts for selling medicines online

Page 9: Providing feedback and having difficult conversations

Page 10: Budget 2019

Page 11: Category Management means saying ‘no’

Page 1: The future of pharmacy is green

Page 3: Key challenges to be addressed with the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB)

Page 4: Increasing pharmacy’s reach via tele-pharmacy

Page 5: Unfunded pharmacy services: An investigation of NZ community pharmacies

Page 6: Working at full scope: The Canadian example

Page 7: The RACE to better men’s health

Page 8: Issuing a trespass notice

Page 9: Mental health in the workplace

Page 10: Donations: Cash or credit?

Page 11: Lessons from the retail apocalypse

Page 1: Important changes to employment legislation

Page 3: The need for pharmacy to increase its focus on service delivery standards

Page 3: Enhancements to Guild publications

Page 4: How do patients view service quality in community pharmacy?

Page 5: Legal and ethical considerations when a fraudulent prescription is suspected

Page 6: Funded pharmacy services across New Zealand DHBs

Page 8: On a mission to increase lung cancer survival rates

Page 9: 5 Tips for being a better leader

Page 10: Paying wages to family members

Page 11: Strategies for setting retail prices

Page 1: The 5th annual Pharmacy Business Network

Page 3: The importance of productive key stakeholder relationships

Page 4: Medicine related harm: Opportunities for improvement

Page 5: Pharmacy automation is not a new concept

Page 6: 5 Questions to answer about your patients’ medicines

Page 7: Making life more liveable for patients with IBD

Page 8: Established pharmacies still need an updated business plan

Page 9: Employee entitlements for sick and mental health days

Page 10: Removing your business from the Companies Register

Page 11: Your digital marketing strategy

Page 1: What does the TPB mean for community pharmacy?

Page 3: Update on key priority work around the co-payment policy

Page 3: Guild InTouch: In case you missed it

Page 4: Complementary and alternative medicine use

Page 5: Skin cancer and skin checks, part two

Page 6: Pharmacists have a role to play in advance care planning

Page 7: eCALD: Eliminating racial discrimination from your pharmacy practice

Page 8: More insights to gain from Australia’s CP2025 strategic plan, part two

Page 9: How to approach the most common leave-related situations

Page 10: End of financial year checklist

Page 11: Community pharmacy: An opportunity for health services

Page 1: Why you should consider new services for your pharmacy

Page 3: Strategic priorities for 2019

Page 3: Membership survey 2018

Page 4: When a randomised controlled trial is not the "gold standard"

Page 5: It's time to discuss the benefits and risks for women taking antiepileptic medicines during pregnancy

Page 6: Skin cancer and skin checks, part 1

Page 7: If only I had caught it early – head and neck cancer

Page 8: Insights to gain from Australia’s CP2025 strategic plan, part 1

Page 9: The importance of having regular performance discussions

Page 10: How benchmarking can help your business grow and prosper

Page 11: Retail curation

Page 1: The future of pharmacists in primary health

Page 3: Key achievements over the past year

Page 3: Introducing New Staff

Page 4: Polypharmacy and not pride, comes before a fall

Page 5: Eliminating Hepatitis C in New Zealand by 2030

Page 6: Accessibility of pharmacies

Page 7: Business continuity planning: Conducting business after an emergency

Page 8: Providing health advice in the age of Dr Google

Page 9: HR Advice: A guide to Christmas

Page 10: Team development

Page 11: Deciding which retail products to stock

Page 1: How the ICPSA provides opportunities to focus more on patient services

Page 3: The importance of working together

Page 3: The Guild’s new enhanced member app

Page 4: When one size does not fit all

Page 5: Can pharmacists have a role in falls prevention?

Page 6: Movember is back

Page 7: Security in the pharmacy

Page 8: Maintaining your online presence

Page 9: Employee engagement: How important is it?

Page 10: Risky business: Managing cyber threats

Page 11: Planning for growth

Page 1: What you need to know about the ICPSA

Page 3: Making the new contract work well for you

Page 3: Guild member benefits

Page 4: Evidence for pharmacist services: Not always as timely as we would like

Page 5: Advertising guidelines for pharmacy

Page 6: The ‘deets’ on insect repellents

Page 7: Stand up this November

Page 8: If you’ve got legal queries, we’ve got you covered

Page 9: Bullying and harassment

Page 10: Maximising the benefits from your accounting software

Page 11: Retail best practice

Page 1: Fielding Health Pharmacy: Community Pharmacy of the Year 2018

Page 3: Reflecting on recent events and future opportunities

Page 3: Pharmacy Business Network: Thank you

Page 4: The role of pharmacists in pharmacovigilance

Page 5: Breastfeeding and the process of milk production

Page 6: Appropriateness of medicines in sport

Page 7: Keeping up to date with health literacy

Page 8: Responding to negative feedback online

Page 9: When views misalign: Social media and the impact at work

Page 10: Payday or mayday?

Page 11: The future of dispensing

Page 1: Guild Governance and Strategy Day

Page 3: Opportunities under the new contract

Page 3: Congratulations to our 2018 Pharmacy Award winners

Page 4: Vulnerable Children Act

Page 5: Precision medicine, personalised medicine and pharmacogenomics

Page 6: Your guide to obtaining cannabidiol products for patients

Page 7: Better breathing, better living

Page 8: Staying safe online

Page 9: HR Advice: How small errors can have large consequences

Page 10: Cracking down on tax dodgers and restoring fairness

Page 11: Change is hard

Page 1: Sector benefits in wider PHARMAC role

Page 3: Considering the purpose of the health system review

Page 3: Elevate pharmacy training

Page 4: Economic evaluation in older adults: Anticoagulants

Page 5: A new paradigm in stroke education

Page 6: Gluten in medicine

Page 7: Light up glaucoma to help save sight

Page 8: The stats on online shoppers: Why being different is key

Page 9: HR Advice: Getting it right from the start, part two

Page 10: Bright-line property rules have changed

Page 11: Knowledge is power

Page 1: Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand

Page 3: The importance of the sector’s voice for an improved contract outcome

Page 3: Introducing new staff

Page 4: Perfecting insulin injection technique

Page 5: How is the New Zealand ePrescription Service (NZePS) progressing?

Page 6: What does a sulphur allergy mean?

Page 7: Alzheimers NZ’s call to action: Sign up as a Dementia Friend

Page 8: Creating a Facebook presence to compliment your business

Page 9: HR Advice: Getting it right from the start, part one

Page 10: Ring-fencing rental losses and GST loopholes

Page 11: The power of a brand

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