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This document provides members with essential information about the DHBs consultation proposal.

Guild's submission to the Hutt Valley DHB on the Draft Pharmacist Services Strategy. 

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10/4/2018. The Guild's submission on the Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement (IPSCA) consultation.

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The Guild's submission on the proposed CPSA extension.

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This guide includes comments you and your staff may wish to include in your response to DHBs. We recommend you wait to respond to the DHB consultation until after you have attended a Guild road show or webinar.

This includes some of the questions the Guild has been asking. We encourage you to ask these or similar questions to help us draw further attention to these issues.

This a template email you can send to your Portfolio Manager once you have completed the consultation survey, to let them know you have responded and don’t support the proposal.

We have had requests from members to share the model we put to DHBs in January, as an alternate to the DHBs proposed service model. It is important to note that our model is a future state model which we would move to over time, how quickly we moved towards this model would be dependent on DHB service priorities, implementation capability and affordability.

This is the detailed response sector agents provided on 1 November 2017 to both DHBs and the Pharmacy Council, as part of the formal Contract Group.

This guide summaries the content we will be covering at the road show meetings, for members unable to attend a meeting, or whose DHB meeting is being held before the Guild's meeting.

20/03/2020. We did not support the pack size changes to cetirizine. We did not support the reclassification of pholcodine to restricted medicine.

26/08/2019. We supported the classification of codeine to remain status quo on the provision that a real-time monitoring system is used as part of the sale of codeine combination products. The codeine report produced by Medsafe noted a lack of real-time monitoring systems available to track the usage of codeine. We highlighted all the available systems that are currently available that could be used to appropriately manage the misuse of codeine in community pharmacy.

21/9/2018. We supported the objection to the proposed recommendation that modified release paracetamol be reclassified from a pharmacy-only medicine to a restricted medicine. We would support the pharmacy-only classification with a dedicated training programme to train pharmacy staff to provide the appropriate education to the public.

We supported the proposed reclassification of Melatonin prolonged release 2mg tablets from prescription medicine to prescription except when classification. We support the prescription-only except when model as an appropriate mechanism for melatonin to be provided to patients by an accredited pharmacist. We felt that the screening tool addressed all previous concerns of the MCC around the ability to correctly diagnose primary insomnia and to have a suitable mechanism to refer secondary insomnia.

We supported the proposal to reclassify dextromethorphan, opium tincture and squill oxymel to a restricted medicine. We felt there was a sufficient level of concern regarding the misuse of these medicines to justify a classification change. We have significant concerns about the unsupervised sale of any general sale medicine that has the potential for misuse.

We did not support the reclassification of pholcodine to a restricted medicine. We felt there was insufficient evidence of misuse to change the classification. However, we did caution the potential for significant IgE sensitisation to neuromuscular blocking agents. We requested that Medsafe conducts further study into the significance of this concern and to determine a more suitable course of action.

22/3/2018. In this submission we provided comments on seven agenda items. Trimethoprim – usage and resistance following reclassification. Clotrimazole and hydrocortisone - proposed reclassification from restricted medicine to pharmacy-only medicine (Canesten Plus, Bayer New Zealand Limited. Loratadine – proposed reclassification from pharmacy-only medicine to general sale medicine (Claratyne, Bayer New Zealand Limited). Influenza vaccine – proposed amendment to prescription except when classification (Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand). Melatonin – proposed reclassification from prescription medicine (Individual submission). Modified-release paracetamol – proposed reclassification from pharmacy-only medicine to restricted medicine. Sedating antihistamine – proposed amendment to restricted medicine classification.

29/09/2017. In this submission we provided comments on six agenda items. These included classification of codeine, hydrocortisone with aciclovir, penciclovir, meningococcal group B vaccine and cetirizine, and the principles of harmonisation. Our main focus in this submission was the potential reclassification of codeine. We were opposed to any classification that would reduce direct access to codeine through a pharmacist. We supported mandatory real-time monitoring of codeine to allow codeine to continue to be available through community pharmacy.

In this submission, we provided comments on nine agenda items. These included classification of nicotine and e-cigarettes, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine, sildenafil, codeine, sedating antihistamines and ulipristal.

We provided additional support for the reclassification of oral contraceptives, strongly supported the reclassification of adapalene to enable pharmacists to provide a first line acne treatment, strongly supported of the change in classification wording of many medicines available over-the-counter to allow these medicines to be repackaged by pharmacists. Raised concerns regarding the change in classification wording of benzydamine and lignocaine, as this would see an increased number of products to treat the symptoms of a sore throat to be available through general sale. Strongly opposed the proposal to allow loratadine to be available in larger pack sizes through general sale, and opposed the reclassification albendazole to a Pharmacy-Only Medicine.

This contains some general information about stress and its management along with the Ministry for Primary Industries' Drought Guide.

January 2015. Deloitte was commissioned to undertake an Environmental Scan on Drug Margins.

Pamphlet compiled for dairy farmers as part of a DairyNZ funded farmer wellness and wellbeing project.

Spreadsheet to help you determine a fair and reasonable charge out rate for an employee.

To help with debt collection please download the template debt collection letters. We have an initial letter followed by a final reminder letter.

This submission to Tracey Adamson, Programme Director of the Community Pharmacy Services Programme contains the Guild's feedback on the proposed third transition step of the CPSA.

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Here are some tips to help ensure you are complying with the 10 criteria for the Pharmacy Inspection Audits.

Here are some tips for a smooth, stress-free PQA audit.

Developed by Beef + Lamb New Zealand includes a range of information that will be of assistance to farmers already in a drought situation, or facing the possibility of one developing.

Empowering the Community to Take Action for Better Mental Health, an article from the University of Melbourne. 

A review from AUT about stress brought on by uncontrollable factors such as labour shortages and climate. 

A list of rural mental health website with clickable links. 

Together, Sector Agents, DHBs and the Ministry of Health are encouraging pharmacy owners to sign the voluntary variation medicine margin offer.

The Guild's submission on the proposed new service for community pharmacy contains three parts: the Guild's issues lists, responses to the DHB questions, and unedited submissions from our members.

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Joint statement on outcome of mediation for disclosure to other DHBs, other pharmacies, and respective agents.

Provided by Atul Mehta from Moore Stephens Markhams Chartered Accountants.

The Guild has a wide range of business support services that are available exclusively to members. 

As a Guild member you are able talk with us about your business we can help you understand areas you may be struggling with. We are able to review financials and offer expert advice based on this, as well as offer advice and insight into your pharmacy's payment history. 

To contact phone 04 802 8200 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download our business advice terms of engagement below. 

Provided by Atul Mehta from Moore Stephens Markhams Chartered Accountants.

Our submission included: Objections to recommendations made at the 53rd meeting around the reclassification of Oral Contraceptives. The Guild strongly supports the extension of influenza vaccination by pharmacists. We support the Medsafe submission proposing to reclassify 1,3-dimethylamylamine from a general sale to a prescription medicine.

The Guild appreciates the rationale for putting in place a moratorium on the issuing of standard DHB agreements for base pharmacy services to new community pharmacies for a period of three to six months, and with this being undertaken without notice to the sector.

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