Guides and tools

Guides and tools for the ICPSA.


Advice on setting up or formalising a local community pharmacy group to engage with your DHB.

The guide includes the eight questions that the DHB is asking, along with draft responses that you may wish to consider. We encourage you to personalise these responses, and include real-life examples where possible.

This document provides members with essential information about the proposal and covers the Guild’s position on the proposal, along with a template response to consultation.

Member only document summarising the 2018/19 ICPSA offer.

This document presents a summary of the key clauses in the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement.

2018 ICPSA road show presentation. 

A guide for pharmacists on the new Dispensing Frequency rules. This is to be used in your dispensary as a reference guide.

Following is a national list of those charges where a Pharmacy would not be in breach of Clause H4.6 Pharmacy Charges in the Variation to Community Pharmacy Services Agreement effective 1 July 2017 until 30 June 2018.

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