External resources such as list of pharmacist only medicines, ACC pain management service providers and advice on administering Caninsulin. 


To help you meet the requirements when sending an invoice to ACC download this preformatted invoice template. 

A list of medicines, the prescriptions for which require the prescriber's signature and original prescription to be sent to the pharmacy under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 1977 (29).

Emergency Contraceptive Pill consultation record and advice checklist. 

A letter template you can use to inform when your pharmacy is changing to the Swiss Nozinan.

A list of the pharmacist-only medicines (restricted medicines) as at February 2019.

A list of the pharmacy-only medicines as at February 2019. The pharmacy-only medicines that need to be sold in manufacturers original packs can be identified by the yellow highlighting in this document.

Ministry of Health's requirements for electronic controlled drugs recording systems.

A5 letter template for you to inform the GP when a Section 29 medicine has been prescribed. 

Flowchart to help determine if an application is required to be made to the Ministry of Health for approval to prescribe a cannabis based product to a patient.

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