GoodYarn resources

Resources to help patients with stress and mental health in rural communities.


GoodYarn is a hands-on workshop that will give participants the practical tools and confidence to be able to talk to people in rural communities about mental health. The workshop is designed for rural professionals who have regular contact with rural people.

For more information download the document below.

Best practice guide from the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

This contains some general information about stress and its management along with the Ministry for Primary Industries' Drought Guide.

Pamphlet compiled for dairy farmers as part of a DairyNZ funded farmer wellness and wellbeing project.

Developed by Beef + Lamb New Zealand includes a range of information that will be of assistance to farmers already in a drought situation, or facing the possibility of one developing.

Empowering the Community to Take Action for Better Mental Health, an article from the University of Melbourne. 

A review from AUT about stress brought on by uncontrollable factors such as labour shortages and climate. 

A list of rural mental health website with clickable links. 

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