COVID-19 resources

Resources to help your pharmacy deal with COVID-19.


The professional support teams at the Guild, Society and Green Cross Health have collaboratively developed guidance to help members implement changes to help you operate during alert level 4.

An A4 show card for you to download, on continuity of medicines supply, and managing the medicines supply chain. 

An A5 show card for you to download, on continuity of medicines supply, and managing the medicines supply chain. 

This guidance covers obligations if employees are required to be in quarantine, versus if employees elect to self-isolate or if the employer requires an employee to self-isolate, as well as overarching employer obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

A pharmacy-specific poster instructing patients not to enter your pharmacy if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, and instead to call Healthline and to also call your pharmacy if they need anything from you.

COVID-19 protection and cleaning tips for your pharmacy.

A template letter for your staff members to provide to authorities, explaining they are providing an essential service.

A guidance document on sending mass text messages to your patients, based on advice from the Office of the Privacy Commission.

A notification from the Immunisation Advisory Centre and the Ministry of Health, providing guidance on maintaining essential immunisations during the current alert level 4 COVID-19 situation.

Copy of the generic DHB letter detailing how the $15 million funding package will be allocated across community pharmacies.

A plan to help you manage outbreaks of pandemics and infectious diseases, kindly shared by Midland Community Pharmacy Group.

An update on changes to PSL's product offering as a result of COVID-19.

Detail on PHARMAC's decision to remove stat dispensing.

Tips for transitioning your pharmacy to alert level 4.

A summary of self-isolation guidance for Guild members, as employers of staff who may need to self-isolate

A summary of the benefits available to members as a result of the government's COVID-19 Economic Response Package.

A template to help you prepare and plan for an emergency situation. Developed by a DHB Emergency Planner and shared with permission.

A notification to all New Zealand community pharmacies that pharmacy orders will be monitored by wholesalers to support equitable access to medicines for all New Zealanders.