Guides to managing everything from crime prevention to online marketing.


A template to help you prepare and plan for an emergency situation. Developed by a DHB Emergency Planner and shared with permission. 

Template business plan with guidelines for each section.

This booklet has been designed by the NZ Police for retailers, small business operators and their staff to assist them to identify opportunities to prevent crime, and to identify criminal activity and offenders.

For those members who wish to make a claim to the Disputes Tribunal please download the accompanying guide.

Information for Guild members on the fees-free subsidy for pharmacy courses.

Information given is based on the pharmacy sale going through at the end of a month. 

If you are relocating your pharmacy download this guide for some helpful tips.

For some pharmacists, attending jury service would be a significant hardship due to the impact on their pharmacy, family or other personal circumstances. For example, a rural sole pharmacist may have to close their pharmacy to attend jury service. This note offers advice on how to be excused from jury service if those circumstances apply.

This plan will help you prepare your business in the event of a natural disaster, like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides and storms.

Pharmacists are expected to exercise professional judgement when advertising and promoting medicines, this includes advertising medicines online.

The Pharmacy Council and Pharmaceutical Society published joint Advertising Guidelines in January 2014. The guidelines cover all pharmacy advertisements regardless of whether these are for in-store promotions, a pharmacy website, or any other media.

Having an online presence is a worthwhile venture. It can help to grow revenue through increased foot traffic in the pharmacy and increased online web traffic and sales through your website.

This guide with help you to implement and sustain a successful online presence. It covers the basics for website, social media and traditional marketing, with further information about optimising your online presence to maximise your efforts.

This fact sheet guides members through the important process of buying a pharmacy. It includes information about finance, pharmacy design, stock and equipment, staff, pharmacy licences and DHB agreements. See also our other guides that include business plan template, advertising guidelines, and a guide to relocating your pharmacy.

A plan to help you manage outbreaks of pandemics and infectious diseases, kindly shared by Midland Community Pharmacy Group.

Strategic execution plan template provided by Advisory.Works. The template has space for cultural values, strategic goals and a SWOT analysis.

A step by step guide on how to create and use an electronic signature particularly for signing PDF documents.

Pharmacies can potentially be risky places to work because they stock controlled medicines and medicines of abuse. This guide can assist you plan for unexpected events, like an armed hold-up.

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