Business tools

Staff/HR tools, member advice line numbers, guides, financial and health and safety tools. 


Sub Categories

To assist members with their financial understanding including cash flow, profit and calculating provisional tax.


Resources including guidance and a template for members to create their own pharmacy-specific gift vouchers.


Guides to managing everything from crime prevention to online marketing.


Guide and tools to the Health and Safety at Work Act.

HR advice line and pharmacy practice helpdesk.

Audit help desk

We understand that audits can be busy and stressful. To make life easier, the Guild has an audit help desk to help you through the audit process. The Guild’s Professional Services and Support team are here to help, take advantage of their invaluable experience and receive personalised audit support by calling 04 802 8200 or emailing

Business support help desk

The Guild has a wide range of business support services that are available exclusively to members. 

As a Guild member you are able talk with us about your business we can help you understand areas you may be struggling with. We are able to review financials and offer expert advice based on this, as well as offer advice and insight into your pharmacy's payment history. 

To contact phone 04 802 8200 or email

The Guild also offers a wide range of business tools to members click here to access.  

HR advice line

People are a vital component of running any small business and it's important that employers get quality advice about human resource (HR) issues. That's why the Guild provides a HR advice line as an exclusive member-only service.

The service enables members to get the answers they need to most general HR issues. These can usually be resolved in a few minutes over the phone or by email. For more serious issues members will be advised that they need to seek further advice which is not covered by the advice line. For the Guild's HR advice line call 0800 484 347 or email

Legal advice line

Legal issues can be complicated, and potentially serious and frightening. However, getting quality legal advice before issues become serious problems is important for any small business. With the Guild’s legal advice line, we can offer our members this option. Members can now run any legal queries past a qualified lawyer. Something you may not have done in the past due to concerns about cost.

Guild members can access 10 minutes of free legal advice per month. This is perfect for any member wanting to check something with a lawyer before they do it.

For the Guild's legal advice line call 0800 484 494 or email

Pharmacy practice help desk

One of the Guild's main roles is to provide advice to members on day-to-day issues affecting community pharmacy. This includes information regarding the Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA), dispensing processes like claiming and the pharmaceutical schedule, and other pharmaceutical issues. For advice please email or call 04 802 8200.

Resources to help you comply with the new Privacy Act 2020.


Electronic version of the Guild’s Retail Manual.


Employment agreements, job descriptions, Children's Act resources, and HR guides.